[Moims-dai] Re: List of Topics for next ILF draft

Mike Martin tahoe_mike at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 22 13:55:26 UTC 2015

Hi John

This looks fine to me.  I am continuing to work on text on all the PDI 
categories and Descriptive Information along the same lines as the text 
you and I produced earlier for Content/RI and Packaging.  I will try to 
make sure the discussion addresses each topic in the spreadsheet.  Let 
me know if anyone is covering these areas so we aren't duplicating the 

Thanks, Mike

On 10/17/2015 12:36 PM, John Garrett wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m working towards a new ILF draft before the CCSDS meeting.  One thing
> that we needed for that is our reduced list of topics.  I’ve spent a lot
> of time looking over David and Daniele’s list and Mike’s list and
> grouping all the issues from them.  I think I have something that will
> work.  I’ve taken all the issues from the original lists and grouped
> them into 10 topics.  Most of the topics are grouped around the OAIS
> Information Model – Content Data, RepInfo, 5 IDed PDI types (Reference,
> Provenance, Context, Fixity, Access Rights), Packaging and Descriptive
> (used for discovery/searching).  Then there is one non-Info Model topic
> to gather the remaining items likes cost, scheduling, outside
> communication, etc.
> 1.Content Data
> 2.Representation Information
> 3.Reference Information
> 4.Provenance Information
> 5.Context Information
> 6.Fixity Information
> 7.Access Rights Information
> 8.Packaging Information
> 9.Descriptive Information
> 10.Non-Information Model Issues
> Between the lists there were close to 60 issues identified.  This is a
> lot, but I think with this grouping it can be handled.  So all topics
> have at least a few issues and less than 10 identified issues at this point.
> We can provide a page or two of discussion to introduce each topic with
> a paragraph or two allowed for high level discussion of each issue.
> I assume we will still have the workflow.  Whichever version we pick, we
> still have the four stages.  For the cross section of each topic at each
> stage, we can provide a list of questions (probably without discussion
> so we can finish by end of the year) that should be addressed by the
> Producers (or earlier participants) and the Archives.
> Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,
> -JOhn
> P.S.  I mostly just picked up the text for the issue and rationale from
> either Daniele’s list or Mike’s list without much editing.  The activity
> association list was mostly from Mike’s list if he had that issue.  It
> is usually still blank, if the issue wasn’t in his list.  We can
> probably work more on what is in the spreadsheet, but the main thing is
> the 10 topics that we will use in the document.

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