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Hi Danièle,

I am sorry, but I won't be able to attend today's telecon on ILF. As I 
said to you, I will be quite busy until the end of the iPRES congress (6th 
of November); after this date, I'll be able to catch up the group's work.

All the best,

Bertrand Caron
Département Information bibliographique et numérique
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Quai François Mauriac
75706 Paris Cedex 13
01 53 79 42 23
bertrand.caron at bnf.fr

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Date :  25/09/2015 18:16
Objet : Minutes of 24th September ILF telecon

Dear all,
Please find below the minutes of today ILF telecon. Feel free to correct 
or complete.
Next telecons: 
1. 9-12 November: CCSDS meeting (agenda will come later)

 2. Thursday 15rd October  (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington): dedicated 
to ILF
If available, proposal to use Dave's new number for the sound:
Dave Williams Telecon information 
+1-844-467-6272      USA Toll Free
+1-720-259-6462      Others
Passcode:    841727

Best regards,
24th September meeting minutes
DB: Daniele Boucon 
DG: David Giaretta 
DS: Don Sawyer 
EC: Esther Conway 
JG: John Garrett 
MA : Mirko Albani
MM: Mike Martin
RD: Robert Downs 
SH : Steve Hughes
SM: Stephane Mbaye
SR: Stephane Reecht
BC: Bertrand Caron 
PT: Jean-Philippe Tramoni
WG: all
 D=Decision, A=action (other = discussion)
  Participants: DB, JG, MM, SBC
6.     Information Lifecycle Framework (ILF)
Discussion on short list of topics from MM:
*preservation aims (line 43): ok, but not on the archive side, rather on 
the project side ->ok to include it in the list
*adding value (line 26): ok to move it back somewhere in the list.
*Line 49: to be clarified?
MM: 1st column indicates when the issue/topic is initiated.
JG: try to fit to LTDP and observation community.
Discussion on exploitation: mainly expanded in LTDP. This term may have 
different meaning.
JG: exploit-> mainly archive, but also integrate, so may have a bigger 
=>A(MM): try to reduce the list to 10 topics (grouping also 
Link between the lifecycle diagram and the list of topics (justify why 
disseminate is not present for example, and others -> impact on the 
archive or not).
=>A(DB+JG): prepare a text on the link between LTDP workflow and CCSDS 
stad (mapping), for sicussion with LTDP.
DB: issue, in the form of an “item title” or a “question”? 10 precise 
issues. (way people will use the standard).
Description of an issue may focus on:
*key things that we want to convey about the topic during lifecycle, 
leading to recommendations/guidelines.
=>A(MM): topics on Data and repInfo
=>A(JG): topics on delivery
=>A(DB): topics on proposal
=>A(BC): topics on PDI and provenance
MM: PDI is a complicated issue (part is collected in the “proposal stage”, 
part in other stages …)
Actions review
Please send to JG updates in actions. 
Updated actions will be sent separately by JG.
End of 24th September meeting minutes

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