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Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Thu Mar 26 23:58:41 UTC 2015


Please find below short minutes from today meeting (will be included and formalized in final and complete minutes).

Morning :
Daniele Boucon, John Garrett
Via webconf : Don Sawyer


The acknowledgment sentence has been replaced by < The data chosen were resident on a NSSDC (National Space Science Data Center) server, however they have been truncated to facilitate testing with this use case an no longer bear any real resemblance to the actual ISEE data."

=>ActionDS: take a look at the remaining note: (*** NOTE:  more to be done to address the identifiers and their requirements, and how these specific ones support those requirements ***)

PAIS Corot:
=>Action: add the same sentence as in ISEE in the Corot text.
PAIS core:
Note: Updates made on the document during the meeting.
Section 1.5: to be completed.
Section 2 reviewed.
Section 3
Section 3.1: figure 3-1 MOT: change "parentCollection" to "Parent Collection"
Discussion on the meaning of the numbers on the arrows.
=>Action JG: look at the UML spec to check the diagram figure 3-1.
=>Action DB: suppress in figure 3-4 the "1..*" near the box TO Type.
Section 4
=>Action DB: figure 4-1 (Polder example), check the " final ID" in the names of the files, diagram and naming rules to be updated
=>Action DS: write the paragraphs associated to remaining TOPICs section 4.1.5.
=>Action SM: address the TOPICs related to technical XML parts (4.1.2, 4.1.3, 4.2).
=>Action DB: complete TOPIC section 4.1.6.
=>Action JG: complete section 4.3
=>Action DS: complete sections 4.4 and 4.5.
Section 4.6 -> related to SIP sequencing constraints, or other subject? replaced by a whole section on SIP constraints.
=>Action SM: complete section 4.7, customization, extensions and specializations.
Section 5
Dedicated subsection added to describe the links between the MOT elements and the SIP elements 'IDs ...).
Dedicated subsection added on LastTransferObjectFlag, to explain the interest of the use of it when the occurrence of a TO/DO is unknown (close the transfer).

Overall review
=>Action all: check the subjects sent the 25th March by Daniele "list of important points to be detailed,       and agenda for Thursday".
John will send the version updated this morning later on.

Daniele Boucon, John Garrett

Preparation of slides for MOIMS/DAI report.
DEDSL review for tomorrow morning meeting with SIG group, analyze of Peter Shame questions (sent this afternoon).
_______________________________ END OF THE DAY ___________________________

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