[Moims-dai] Short minutes from Wednesday meeting morning and afternoon

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Thu Mar 26 21:35:15 UTC 2015

1st part, certification
Danièle Boucon
David Giaretta,
John Garrett

-       RAC members are working to ensure the standards are put audits in place - working with audit companies and national accreditation bodies
-       Supported by training courses which are being translated in various languages

2nd part, ICP/ILF

Daniele Boucon + John Garrett
Steve Hughes, NASA/JPL
Telecon :
David Giaretta, UKSA
Esther Conway, UKSA,
Mike Martin, NASA/PDS

Analyze of the spreadsheet:

1.Objectives -> review and agreement
2.Activities and associated preservation ones -> review


Daniele Boucon, John Garrett

Discussion with Mario Merri and Brigitte Behal on DAI: current documents, future (to be probably more detailed). Need for more support from other agencies.

Review of actions.

Preparation of tomorrow meeting.

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