[Moims-dai] GB: list of important points to be detailed, and agenda for Thursday

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Tue Mar 24 23:31:06 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Following our discussion this morning, here are 3 different sets of elements concerning the GB that have to be treated:

      1.From minutes (historical)
-> to be integrated in the GB, or treated as actions.

Section 4.1.1
Tabular representation is welcome but question remains about their systematic use (need an XML version in annex ?)

==> Action Stephane from MM: explain more the CCSD0015: how it is registered and reference where more information could be found on that subject

Don:  descriptorModelID has to be changed on any XSD change (specialization), the Archive has to maintain the versions

Section 4.6.1 about PAIS XSD description should remain here for the time being

« open » enumeration technique is cumbersome (TBC)

Comment on method
* (Daniele): there are steps that conform to the PAIMAS process (first model, SIP constraints, then transfer and validation).
* Link between the data base on the Archive side, and the PAIS XML elements: example on how to match both (core document, test case?).

The following paragraph will be suppressed if ok:
XML namespace for PAIS

It is agreed that not all positions where a pais :any element are possible have to be documented in the GB. Only a few example are necessary or even one.

More concrete example should be provided than the abstract « foo »/« bar » currently proposed. Typical example would be a Collection holding a pais :any with the author of the descriptor, the Collection name/ID in the Producer semantic, or anything else that could be specific to the Producer or the Archive side but not provided in the PAIS definitions.

SM: Reminded that « true » restrictions of XML Schema guarantees that the original PAIS XML Schema's rule are still applicable. Any instance following a restriction follows the original ones.

SM: The use of restrictions does not impose any system to use the derived PAIS schemas. Therefore, the restricted schemas have not to be shared with any user of the produced SIPs. The project specific schemas could even be discarded without losing control of the produced SIPs.

=> D - (DS) The rightmost column of the table in §4.6.4 shall be renamed « Restriction » instead of « Content »

MM: It is not clear that this table should be kept in that form or discarded at the end, but the target should not spend too much pages on that topic.

WG: restrictions may be interesting for implementers and as such should be documented, but it is not clear if this should be proposed as a recommendation or a best practice.

SM: reminded that restricting elements such as the maxOccurrence's should be a recommended practice since it can be very difficult to implement interoperable software exchanging elements of xs:nonNegativeInteger type.

SM: proposed to add prepared templates of restricting XML Schemas in annex. Something that could help implementers to quickly setup the restrictions of their needs.
WG: adding XML Schema's in annex may not be so helpful because cut and paste from PDF may be very cumbersome.

=> D - (JG) these XSD shall be placed side to the originals.

SM: The problem is similar to other GB resources as the use case descriptors or the software prototypes.

2. From actions:

2014-11-10      8       DAI     Implement agreed changes in GB core and distribute to group for further review  SM
2014-11-10      21      DAI     Update core GB  SM
2014-12-04      3       DAI     Send the "specialization kit" to the group, to be included in the annex of the GB.      SM
2014-12-04      4       DAI     Provide a planning for the end of the GB: 1. completion of all topics to be dealt with, and 2. identification of sections that can be fully written by SM and/or the group.     SM
2014-11-10      15      DAI     Send updated naming convention example (Sec. 4.1.1) and descriptorModelID section for comment   All             Open
2014-11-10      16      DAI     Confirm updates in naming convention example (Sec. 4.1.1)       All             Open
2014-11-10      17      DAI     Decide if descriptorModelID needs to be changed for restrictions of schema.  If so we should not recommend to systematically restrict.  All             Open
2014-11-10      18      DAI     Provide namePreservationRule  example/discussion (not mandatory)        DS              Open
2014-11-10      20      DAI     Generate text on the uses of the 'undefined' structure name for insertion somewhere in section 4.  Maybe also for other groupTypeStructureName values?  DS              Open

Thursday: finish review of section 3, look at section 4 and 5, and analyze the 3 sets of elements included in this email (a lot to do!).

I suggest as an objective for end of the meeting to have a clear view of what to do from now and a planning for the GB.

Best regards,


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