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Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Fri Mar 20 10:48:36 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Following Nestor's email, please find enclosed in the message below, the status of our projects.

For your comments: how about the Control Authority Data Structure?

Thanks in advance,



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Objet : [Cesg-all] CWE Project Status

Dear all

There are currently 109 Projects in the CWE, as follows

  1.  72 Approved Projects witn10 behing schedule
Control Authority Data Structures - XML Format<http://cwe.ccsds.org/fm/_layouts/listform.aspx?PageType=4&ListId=%7BBC2D6E0F-3242-46E3-A13D-3D907343AF44%7D&ID=114&ContentTypeID=0x0100B63160D64FE81342BE42A874DE7E703D>




Behind Schedule

First draft comments due


  1.  32 pending Projetcs
[Boucon Daniele] No pending project

  1.  3 Pending Projects, with an approved CMC poll to change status
[Boucon Daniele] DEDSL

  1.  2 Grandfathered Projects, whose status has to be changed

@ WG Chairs: Please check the "Projects behind schedule" in your WG and adapt it accordingly

@ WG Chairs / ADs/DADs: Please check if pending projects need to seek approval from CMC (e.g. start date in 2015 and still pending), and generate the resolution to start the related poll
As example:

  1.  File Transfer, Ground Segment, Recommended Profile  Blue 902.11 Pending (CSS Area, SM WG) Required by IOAG

@ Secretariat: Change status from "pending" to "approved" for the following Projects

  1.  Data Entity Dictionary Specificaton Language (DEDSL) - XML Schema   Blue  Pending

  1.  Space Link Extension-Internet Protocol for Transfer Services, Recommended Standard, Issue 2  Blue 913.1-P-2 Pending

  1.  Contact Graph Routing (CGR) for CCSDS   Blue  Pending

@ Secretariat: Change status from "grandfathered" to "pending" for the following Projects

  1.  Space Data Link Security Concept of Operation, Issue 2   Green 350.5 Grandfathered

  1.  Single-Agency Network Management Requirements for BP  Green 734.n Grandfathered

Please DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MAIL (every mail gets distributed ca,. 80 times)

Please, discuss the issue at WG and Area level. Your AD/DAD will then report the Project status to the CESG

I will have a merry going-around WGs and Areas next week to remind you


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