[Moims-dai] Public access to ISEE data and one question for Stephane

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Mon Mar 16 16:38:43 UTC 2015

Hi Don,

Sorry I made a mistake in my email: I sent SIP2 of TC1, instead of SIP2 of TC2 !!! Attached is the good one that corresponds to the GB and that should answer your questions.

Concerning the content of the files: the data were made up by Stephane. Stephane, could you confirm that you change the content of the ISEE data as highlighted by Don? That means that these data have no link with the original ones.

By the way, I propose that we deliver only the TC2 test case with the proto, ok with that?



PS: my opinion is that we should add a sentence explaining the change in the data content at the beginning of the green book (or at each test case), as this is the same for all data used in the test cases.

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Hi Daniele,

When I open the zip files, the data do not correspond to the ISEE use case.  The use case is for 1978-1980.  What I see looks strange:

SIP-0002 shows only 1977 data, days 295 - 300, asci-gz, for ISEE1 and ISEE2.

SIP-0001 shows 1978 - 1980 data, days 002-007, asc-gz_att for ISEE 1 and ISEE2.

The actual data, extracted to ascii, are clearly made up numbers that starts  "DATA = 60s260s260s  etc.

I have no problem using made up data for the test case, but we have to get the years, etc. consistent.

 The Producer's data structure is given in the ISEE section of the tutorial, figure Data Repository Layout. 

It is not clear to me what data you want to show.  Is it the view as the Producer sees in?  If so, then it would be the same for both SIPs.



(p.s.  For example, here is the 1977 file unpacked)
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