[Moims-dai] Minutes of 12th June CCSDS PAIS telecon

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Fri Jun 12 15:11:20 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Please find below the minutes of today PAIS telecon. Feel free to correct or comment.

Next telecons:

1. Thursday 4th June (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington): dedicated to ILF
To share screen:

 2. Thursday 11h June (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington): dedicated to PAIS
To share screen:

If available, proposal to use Dave's number for the sound:
Dave Williams
Telecon information
+1-844-467-6272      USA Toll Free
+1-720-259-6462      Others
Passcode:    841727

Best regards,

12th June meeting minutes

DB: Daniele Boucon
DG: David Giaretta
DS: Don Sawyer
EC: Esther Conway
JG: John Garrett
MA : Mirko Albani
MM: Mike Martin
RD: Robert Downs
SH : Steve Hughes
SM: Stephane Mbaye
SR: Stephane Reecht
BC: Bertrand Caron
PT: Jean-Philippe Tramoni
WG: all

D=Decision, A=action (other = discussion)

Participants: DB, DS, JG, RD

2.      Core PAIS GB
1.Review of updates sent by DS, DB and JG

Remark: the producerSourceID is optional on MOT side, and mandatory on SIP side.

Mapping between MOT and SIP: suppress the elements that are not IDs: namePreservationRule and dataObjectPreservationName and improve the design.

=> A=>(DB): update the mapping figure and explanation section 5.1 "Linkage..." and 4.1.6.

=> A=>(DS): add explanation on namePreservationRule, dataObjectPreservationName and relationships between them.

Section 3.2.1, figure 3-4 (SIP constraints): comment from JG, error in the figure, change the top box (SIP constraints)?

=> A=>(JG): propose an updated figure 3-4 (even "handmade").

2. Rest of the document

=> A=>(DB): merge DB and DS versions, accept the revision marks up to now.

=> A=>(DS): complete section 5.1

 => A=>(JG): write section 5.1 "non XFDU SIPs" -> overview of METS case.

  => A=>(WG): review the complete document.

3.      MACAO document update
Discussion on Mario's email on MACAO update.

JG suggests that PS follows the CCSDS process.

 => A=>(JG): send to DB a proposal for PS.

Actions review
Please send to JG updates in actions.
Updated actions will be sent separately by JG.

End of 12th June meeting minutes

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