[Moims-dai] TR: Review of MOIMS objectives: Final version

John Garrett garrett at his.com
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Although there are a couple goals associated with archival issues, I  don’t
believe that the objectives statement addresses archival systems and issues.

I present  a couple possible updates below.  I not sure something better
couldn’t be generated, but I think something needs to be added.



The objective of the MOIMS area is to address all application-level
standards and their associated information management that are required to
operate spacecraft and robots, and their ground system in response to
mission requirements and any data handling and archival systems making use
of the information gathered by the mission. The focus of this area is
primarily on the Mission Operations (MO) data and services that are required
for preparing and conducting space mission operations and the archival
systems maintaining the information obtained. These application-level
standards will facilitate the availability of plug-in components exposing
standard service interfaces, which will allow a simplified and economical
assembly of both space and ground segments and enable interoperability and
operations automation. Consistency at data and service level within MOIMS
shall be achieved by adherence of new standards to the MO Service Framework
and the Reference Model for Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS).



Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,



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Dear MOIMS chairs/deputy chairs, 

please find enclosed the final version of the MOIMS objectives. Unless I
receive any additional comment, I will sent it to CESG this coming Friday. 

Best regards, 


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