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I'll copy some earlier comments below.

I believe they were communicated to some people, but may not have made it
back to Peter.

We can discuss these ideas at one of our upcoming telecons.




I also object to how the updates are being made to the SFDU Control
Authority Blue Book.

As I've said, I think if SEA wants to create a registries of Space
Organizations or CCSDS Members or Contacts or whatever, I think that is
great. Then once that Standard is approved, then MOIMS-DAI WG should update
the SFDU Control Authority Book to make use of the SEA defined
organizational and contact registries as appropriate.  


I do not think we should continue to mix the two parts in a single standard.

The Space Agency contact portion was originally only included in the CA
Standard because CCSDS was not able to maintain and distribute reliable
information at the time. (Remember it was early or pre-web site)  We only
included that portion to work with the CCSDS Secretariat to ensure that the
contact information was current.  We never intended that a separate registry
would be set up for this since we were not trying to register all the


Also personally, I would like to rename the Standard that MOIMS-DAI would be
responsible for.   In my opinion it would renamed to be something like Data
Format Registry.  The Control Authority name has become a nuisance since
people continue to misunderstand its intent.


Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,




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Daniele, DAI WG members and MOIMS ADs 

Please discuss Peter's mail in your WG and with your AD/DAD 

The update of the SFDU CA Procedures (630-0-B-1) does not exist as a Project
in the CWE Framework. No resources have been committed by the Agencies to
handle it. The next 5 year review is due in May 2018. It is clear that if
the WG decides to work on it, a Project has to be created and resources have
to be committed by the Agencies via a CMC poll. 

In addition, the WG has to deal with three other potential 5 year review
Projects (in case the WG decides to review it instead of Reconfirm them) 

1.	XFDU BB 5 year review is due since Sept 2013 

2.	EAST BB 5 year review is due in June 2015 

3.	PAIMS MB 5 year review due in June 2015


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[attachment "SANA YB 313x0y1 SEA edits 8Jul15.pdf" deleted by Nestor
[attachment "630x0b1_mods-8Jul15.docx" deleted by Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA] 
[attachment "CCSDS Registry Re-engineering 10Jul15 v2.pptx" deleted by
Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA] 
[attachment "CCSDS SSG Name & Number Registries v13.pptx" deleted by Nestor
Dear Daniele, 

I hope all is well with you.  I think that during one of our conversations I
mentioned that the CESG and the SANA Steering Group (SSG) were looking into
the somewhat confusing state of our registries in the SANA.  We have noted
that there are a number of issues and overlaps, particularly in the area of
organization and person type registries.  The attached presentation,  "CCSDS
SSG Name & Number Registries", describes the problem in significant detail
and also spells out how we propose to fix it.   

The presentaiton "CCSDS Registry Re-engineering" is the best current
description of the form of "what" we propose to do.  What we discovered in
analyzing the set of CCSDS registries is that there is a set of registries
that have to do with the "CCSDS enterprise", the agencies, observers,
affiliates, and the people that they appoint to do certain tasks or that
have certain roles.  But what we also discovered is that some of these
registries are well formed, others less so, but that there were overlaps and

We have a proposed plan for clearing all of this up. 

The reason why I am contacting you as DAI WG chair, is the "how" we propose
to do it.  There are several parts to this that need to have CESG review and
CMC concurrence.  There is one, in particular, that needs WG concurrence.
In the case of your MACAO Blue Book (CCSDS 630x0b1) we wish to leverage the
very good work that has already been done to define and create registries
for agencies, and agency sub-elements, and for persons with certain roles.
The proposed extensions add some fields for unique identifiers and also a
mechanism for adding new roles for identified persons to allow them to
manage other registries than just the MACAO.  This is a request for your WG
to review what we have proposed to see if you can concur with the proposed
changes which are in the attached mark-up.   

The related changes we propose require some related edits to other
documents.  I have drafts of all of these prepared and CESG review is just
awaiting some final adjustments: 

SCID BB (CCSDS 320x0b6, CMC / Secretariat) 

And the creation of a new one: 

Registry Management Policy (SEA/SSG) 

What these changes do is to update the SANA Yellow Book to require WGs to
use (or extend) existing registries where that makes sense, and to tell the
SANA, in a timely way, when they are creating any new registries or
proposing changes to existing registries.  The key registries are those
relating to organizations (agency, observer, affiliate) and to persons (with
various roles).  The change to the SCID BB is to add a few fields to that
spec, including unique object identifiers for spacecraft,  and to extend the
current definitions of Agency Representative, the person nominated by an
Agency (or Observer) to request changes to the SCID registry.  We want to
use the general pattern for "Agency Representative" as the way to manage all
persons who are assigned (one or more) roles by their agencies.  Thus one
person (AR) might have only one Role (Agency Rep for SCID) or they might
have more than one Role (Agency Rep for SCID, Agency Rep for MACAO,  MACAO
RP submitter). 

After working over these concepts with the SSG, SANA Operator, and CCSDS
website team we are convinced that a separate Registry Management Policy
will be the best way to approach this overall body of work, so I have
prepared a draft of that too.  That still needs some final changes, so I am
not sending it now, just the drafts of the SANA, SCID, and MACAO documents
and the analysis and re-engineering materials. 

I think you will find that the proposed changes do not affect any of the key
fields, contents, or intent of what has already been defined in the MACAO.
What they are intended to do it to adopt and extend the existing features so
that these core enterprise registries can be re-used, and extended, by
others.  Please review these proposed changes with your WG at the earliest
opportunity and let us know if there is an issue.  We would all prefer to
re-use and extend what is there instead of creating a parallel set of
registries, but we can do that if it is deemed necessary. 

Very best regards, Peter 

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