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Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Thu Jul 2 13:04:54 UTC 2015

Dear Nestor,

First of all the ILF project is the one titled "Information Curation Process" in the CWE framework   (approved following the normal CCSDS process). During the  development we decided not to change the title, as this could still change a little before the end. So it is indeed  defined in the DAI WG.
This project is supposed to be finished end of 2016 (planning still accurate).

By the way, looking at the charter through the http://cwe.ccsds.org/fm/Lists/Charters/PrintView.aspx?ID=23 page, I note that the current charter is not the one that has been updated as required by CCSDS end of 2013 (email you sent to the secretariat for update the 14/11/2013). This charter was updated to take into account new project as the ILF (goal 2). It is attached in this email.
What should I do to have it updated in the framework?

Concerning the 2nd information, this is a first raw reaction, we'll have more discussion later that will complete or correct this answer.

My understanding was that B. Behal wanted to know the real participation and involvment of agencies in this group.

The fact is that the ILF is the standard that effectively motivates (as contributors -framework updated beginning of June):





Other organizations (such as the French National Library) also actively participate.

Even if there was little physical participation in Caltech, the work goes on well with active participation through regular telecons and members' invovlment.

Furthermore the DAI WG is the group that supports and maintains the most used CCSDS standards such as OAIS. Moreover in the 2 coming years is planned the review of certification and OAIS.

Closing this group, if required, would ask more questions and impacts than the ILF project, but a question on the CCSDS archival standards in general.

More exchanges will occur in the coming months to discuss and answer your question.



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where is the project defined in the DAI WG plan of work?

as the WG will probably be closed  by end 2015, how will we proceed ?


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