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Thanks for this John.

I've done a bit of work mostly on section 1.1 and 1.3 to make it a bit clearer why we think this standard should be useful to people.
I am trying to be clear about what we are aiming at, what we are not doing and why people should read this instead of the 50+ other lifecycle models that are out there.

Also I think it is important not to promise something we cannot deliver in the time available, but by including details from LTDP, Mike and others in annexes we can should how we can be mapped to the real world.


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Subject: New rough draft of ILF Standard


I've attached my latest draft of the ILF standard for discussion at Thursday's telecon.

I've merged Mike's expanded stage descriptions into the previous version.

For this version, I've included Mike's Key Topics and Key Points in the description section although I think we came to an agreement at the last telecon that they were too ambitious in terms of what we could accomplish in a single standard and within this project that needs to be essentially complete by the end of the year.  I thought they were useful to keep to discuss which might be included in a roadmap for future standards.

Something I just thought of but have not attempted is that we may be able to convert a few of Mike's Topics to be activities within the Lifecycle Stages.  I don't know if that is practical, but I will try to start looking at that possibility before the telecon.

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