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Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
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Hi Mike and all,

Thank you Mike for these comments.

I have included answers in your email below.

I have also analyzed the whole LTDP terminology, and have tried to fill equivalent OAIS terms to the LTDP ones in the right column, asking also some questions as comments in this document.

What's your feeling on this analyzis, am I right?
According to your view, it'll be possible to make links and better align the figure 2 in the preservation workflow document to the OAIS information model:

Here is my proposal:
*Data Objects: instrument data and products created from instrument data
*Rep Info: LTDP Rep Info
*Descriptive Info: LTDP metadata, browse images
*Context Info: Ancillary, Auxiliary, Cal/val for instrument data, plus Mission/sensor doc, processing algorithms/workflows
*Provenance: Ancillary, Auxiliary, Cal/val for products 

Don't know where to put: quality (Context?)
Tools: some could be seen as rep Info (viewing), and don't know where to put the others?



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Hi Daniele

I have a few issues.


LTA - Long Term Archive.  It seems to me that long term is implied in an archive.
[Boucon Daniele] 
[Boucon Daniele] Not necessarily in my opinion. An archive may be a mission archive for example, dedicated to the storage of data during the life of the project for example.


Ancillary and Auxilliary.   I find it hard to differentiate these.
[Boucon Daniele] 
[Boucon Daniele] So do I

The use of the term Catalog should be avoided.
[Boucon Daniele] 
[Boucon Daniele] ok, definition not clear 

I would like to see "Data Management Plan" on the list.
[Boucon Daniele] 
[Boucon Daniele] Yes, but this term is not used in the documentation. A proposal for definition?

I'm not getting the distinction between Discovery and Search.
[Boucon Daniele] 
[Boucon Daniele] in my understanding: "discovery" is when you have some criteria to find something, but you don't exactly know if you'll find and get appropriate data at the end. "Search" is when you know what you are looking for (and know it exits).

Knowledge Information Package  - I've not seen this usage before.  I don't think this term adds anything useful.
[Boucon Daniele] Agree

Preservation -  This definition goes far beyond what I think of as preservation.  Preservation has nothing to do with discoverability. 
[Boucon Daniele] Agree
Record improvement and consolidation are not part of preservation.
[Boucon Daniele] Agree

How does a PDSC relate to an AIP, Collection and Knowledge Information Package?
[Boucon Daniele] 
[Boucon Daniele] PDSC = EO data set = all the Information to be preserved associated to a kind of Producer-Archive Project. I've tried to make links in the LTDP definitions document.

How does product relate to Data Record and Granule?
[Boucon Daniele] in my understanding a product is created from instrument data, and is defined as a DIP. Should be clarified if it is included in AIPs, or created from an order (perhaps both are possible).

Thanks, Mike

On 1/16/2015 9:55 AM, Boucon Daniele wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please find enclosed the LTDP glossary received from Mirko.
> Don’t hesitate to make comments (the 29^th January at the latest please).
> Cheers,
> Daniele
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