[Moims-dai] Corot Test case for review (and final actions)

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Fri Jan 16 15:42:00 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here is a summary and reminder of the actions concerning the Corot test case.

Please note that the Corot mission is now finished, and the person in charge of this mission will not be available after March, so we should finish it by end of February at the latest.

Stephane has delivered beginning of January updated descriptors and SIPs, that I have validated with the tools:
*       Descriptors: http://repository.gael.fr/shared/P289-CCSDS-PAIS/test-cases/tc6-corot/releases/tc6-corot-20150109.zip
*       SIPs: http://repository.gael.fr/shared/P289-CCSDS-PAIS/test-results/tc6-corot-test-results-20150109.zip
Question for Stephane : should the annex of the textual description be updated according to the previous files?

Attached is the textual description to be reviewed by all, and at the end of this email, a recap of the remaining actions.

Could you please review the attached elements?



2014-11-10      5       DAI     Update CoRoT test case with expanded view of steps for SIP ingestion    SM              Open    20150109 - Still not addressed

2014-11-10      6       DAI     Review terminology used to identify data objects [Level 0, N0, Product, Product-Set] in all test cases to ensure consistency and understanding by those outside of the Space community  SM              Open    20150109 - The GB section about CoRoT has been submitted but not already the related digital material, i.e. descriptors and (re)generated SIPs.

2014-12-04      6       DAI     Comment the Corot practical example.    ALL WG          Open

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