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Wed Aug 19 18:00:26 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Please find below my analysis, and proposed set of phases by end of the year.

Thank you very much Mike and David for your material.

=>First: general feeling:

1.I'm ok with your last email's Mike (format). Furthermore, the EXCEL sheet on activities shows that terms and points of views differ, but we have points of intersection. The differences in the main phases are also major.

2.Thank you David for your last email on the need for annex: we need indeed an annex describing the relationships with other community standards such as LTDP.

3.I'm also in favour to add a section or annex explaining the relationships with the other standards OAIS, PAIMAS/PAIS showing the place of this one.

4.Following different exchanges with Mario Merri (quotation "can't we change the name of Information Curation Process to something more meaningful?"), LOTAR ... the term "curation" seems hard to understand. The title may be decided at the end, but the use of terminology not. I suggest that we try to find something different.
Something like: "Information Lifecycle and Long term usage", "Information usage over its Lifecycle" ...

Crucial terms: lifecycle, data usage, data management

5.Generally speaking, we should be careful with the terminology (use of metadata ...), and keep the coherence with the OAIS, and keep consistency between them.

=>Second: structure of the ILF document

1.Information Topics vs activities
This issue has been discussed at length. My feeling is that both may be present, with a focus on information to be gathered as decided. I'd like to keep a list of main activities as proposed in section 3.1

Section 3: the lifecycle framework: the main stages and information to be gathered

Section 3.1 Information Lifecycle stages

I'm fully ok with this. Why not include here the detailed description of the phases (sections 3.3.1 till 3.3.4).

Section 3.2: Information topics

Section 3.3 Staged curation information -> change "curation"

Non normative annex: from David: "non-normative annexes which map the terminology to existing practice. The obvious one is the ESA-LTDP work. Being non-normative it should not cause too much controversy. "

Non normative annex: schema showing ILF and other CCSDS archiving standards + relationships

=>Third: Comments on Topics
The existing draft list proposed by David contains different levels of topics in my opinion.

David, is there a particular order in the table of topics?

For example:
Some topics deal with categories of info (e.g. Data, Rep Info, Provenance, SIP, but OAIS "context" does not appear), others deal with characteristics of Data (e.g Discoverability), others with transfer of responsibility (handover).

We also have to check the list of associated issues:
For example how about having "Designated community" in "Data topic" instead of "handover topic", as this community uses the data during Operation and Exploitation stages.
How about having the preservation objectives in the proposal topic?
Catalog could be used in "discoverability topic" ...

One of the first tasks we have is to consolidate this list.

=>Fourth: activities

We have to find a way to express link between the lifecycle stages and associated preservation activities with the topics, and to consolidate the "typical activities". Keeping our strategy, we don't need to say a lot.

=>Fifth: Proposal for a set of phases to produce the ILF standard

September: Consolidate the list of topics and consolidate the typical activities

Till mid-October: High level links between activities and topics

Mid October-end November: Develop the topics

December: Link with CCSDS archiving standards, Mapping with LTDP, Internal review

What do you think?

Best regards,


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