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An additional aspect that we talked about previously would be to have non-normative annexes which map the terminology to existing practice. The obvious one is the ESA-LTDP work. Being non-normative it should not cause too much controversy.


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Dear all

As discussed at the ILF telecom I have a proposal for the document with extensive changes to the previous version in order to have a clearer focus on preservation/curation. Also, adopting the view "Whereof one cannot speak (within the time available), thereof one must be silent", I have cut out everything where my estimate was that if we include it in the draft we would not be able to produce a Red Book by the end of the year because it would not be possible to write appropriate, agreed, text. Despite these cuts I believe that the clearer focus allows us to create a document which is useful.

As also agreed I can state my estimate of the work to be done on this document to complete it to Red Book:
Update the existing pages, in particular the tables (no additional sections needed). It should certainly be possible to produce the Red Book by the end of the year. This could also include review by RDA Active Data Management Plan group members.



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Subject: Updated ILF document


I'm attaching a slightly updated version of the ILF document with input from the previous telecon.  There wasn't much else to update over the past few weeks.  I didn't receive any updates on activities other than Mike's recent figure update.  I've added that updated figure, but those included activities are completely different from the previous ones, so we will have to redo the activities, etc.
Talk to you in the morning to discuss this.
Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,
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