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Here is my contribution.
I agree with the previous comments. The PAIS is at the very beginning.

I suggest to identify what could be done on PDS side to better conform to the PAIS, even by using the current operational mode.

I have been asked several times by Archive holders for usage of this standard (EUMETSAT, ASI ...). Unfortunately for the moment the GB is not available, and I really think that the GB, with examples, is the best tool we have to dissiminate this standard and show it can be used in an easy or complicated way.
The prototypes are good starters, but they can not be viewed as operational tools. 

My opinion is that it is always complicated to introduce new implementations on existing operational chains. It is better to anticipate it on new chains or tools.

This is the case at CNES: we have a generic tool for data archiving and access. A completely new version will be developped by 2 or 3 years. The persons who specified have studied how the PAIS could be integrated, and the way to have a unified method of receiving descriptive information from XML/Manifest.

ESA was favorable towards testing the PAIS on a real case.



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I've added comments also.  

I generally found the tone overly negative, but that is probably just being defensive.  We as a group probably still need to promote it better and the GB and the examples should be part of that.  It's a shame we didn't get a chance to create a complete PDS example.  I'm sure that would have helped PDS's experience of it greatly.

Peace and Prosperity,

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Hi Mike,

Sorry I'm late in responding to your request.  However I read your introductory summary and had to respond without further reading.  I've done so in the document, just after your summary.  I think it comes at the Producer-Archive issues from the wrong perspective.  See what you think.

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