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Mike Martin tahoe_mike at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 12 22:19:55 UTC 2014

Hi everyone

Here is a nice life cycle model from the Digital Curation Center 
(http://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/curation-lifecycle-model).  It has 
curate and preserve at the same level.  I might want to call 
preservation action "manage":. \

I also attached a slightly edited version of David's figure.  I would 
like to see us fill in the Customer boxes on the right and then get 
representatives from each of those entities on the team.  I would also 
like to see some bullets of topics to be covered under each DAI Project.

Thanks, Mike

On 11/11/2014 4:43 AM, Boucon Daniele wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here are my notes to prepare the minutes, actions and work on ICP :
>  1. Terminology
>   * Preservation: ok
>   * Curation = preservation + adding value: ok
>   * Stewardship?
> Discussion on the scope of stewardship: broader than the archive. Need
> for a new term?
> MM: Need to compare the terminology and structure for preservation from
> CASPAR, LTDP and some of the other documents in the bibliography.
>  2. ICP main steps and organization among steps
> Different diagrams were presented and discussed:
> Daniele (both attached): CNES (high level view, Archive and
> organization), and USGS from the USGS Science Data Lifecycle Model,
> Open-File Report 2013-1265 (see attached file)
> David (both attached): extract figures from
> _https://rd-alliance.org/group/active-data-management-plans/wiki/admp-scenarios.html_,
> and
> _http://www.alliancepermanentaccess.org/index.php/community/common-vision/_
> Esther (attached): draft view (sent by Stephane)
> Katrin (in the preservation workflow sent the day before): LTDP view
> (from LTDP preservation workflow)
> *_Action all_*_(_*_by end of the meeting_*_)_: comments the LTDP
> preservation workflow (main steps, content, terminology).
> At the end of the email: first gathered comments.
> *_Action all for tomorrow telecon_*: have a look at the material
> discussed yesterday, for decision (main boxes + arrangement)
> Cheers,
> Daniele
> Don :
> But maybe the labeling of ‘archive’ doesn’t mean an actual Archive, but
> is referring to an archive process in some general sense?
> I also have some comments.  I was surprised to see that Katrin labeled
> everything under the Stewardship as being within the Archive.  That is
> o’k with me, but it means that a lot more has to be done to match their
> concepts with OAIS terminology.  In particular, terms like AIP and AIU
> and AIC need to be incorporated by them in order to clarify their
> thinking.  Also, section 5 of OAIS addresses software, versions, and
> editions.  My sense is that they really have not made an effort to
> absorb the OAIS terms and concepts, yet.   It would be good to devise a
> way to push them to become more familiar, possibly by revising some of
> their figures and/or text using OAIS terms and concepts.
> Mike:
> I was concerned that the items in the graphic don't align with the
> topics in the on the workflow chart except for consolidation.  Maybe
> that is fine, but I would like to see more correspondence.
> I mentioned that some segments of the chart correspond to existing ccsds
> standards (initialization = paimas, implementation = pais, operations =
> oais?).  That should be brought out somewhere and the terminology and
> activities from those standards incorporated into the LDTP workflow.
> There may need to be a topic of retirement in the preservation bubble.
> How and where is hardware and software that is needed to access the data
> handled.?
> I agree that we need to compare the terminology and structure for
> preservation from CASPAR, LTDP and some of the other documents in the
> bibleography.
> Daniele:
> First of all, I fully agree with the simplification of the workflow with
> a limited number of main steps, it is clearer and easier to understand
> with synthetic diagrams, even if we have not exactly the same grouping
> at CNES.
> I'd suggest to add a sort of "end point", that could be, after the
> preservation period (defined at the initialization phase), a decision
> point (keep on maintaining the data set for a time period to define,
> delete part/all of the data set, transfer the data set).
> I'd also propose to update and simplify the definitions (e.g. value
> adding better in Stewardship?).
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