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For discussion this week,

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Objet : [Moims-dai] CMC comments on our MOIMS Area

Dear all,

I attach below the CMC comments on our MOIMS Area (considering Strategic Plan and CWE Projects).

Please discuss them during this week and include the responses in your report to the MOIMS AD at Friday's MOIMS Plenary



  1.  Goal 5 "Digital Repository Criteria" completed (no current/future work)                                                                RAC WG response required

  1.  Data and Metadata External Framework standards and Data Archival and Retrieval work is ending in 2016. Goals achieved?        DAI / WG response required

  1.  Mid-term objectives (2017-2018) only for MO services; they are linked to the standards on technology mapping and binding. The resources needed for this work should be assessed. SM&C WG response required

  1.  No long terms objectives (2019-2020) defined, although MO services are likely to take longer          NAV/DAI/RAC/TEL/SMC response required

  1.  Most of the MO services BB's in the CWE are not started and/or are behind schedule. What is the strategy proposed to progress these projects? Will the IOAG / MOSSG inputs on service priorities be considered to reschedule the parallel tasks?       SMC WG response required

  1.  Workplan for Tele-robotics defined?    TEL WG response required

  1.  NAV and DAI WGs have no activities identified as part of FP beyond 2016.  Is it anticipated that all goals will then be achieved and the group has no further activity ? NAV and DAI WG response required

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