[CMC] Long Live the MOIMS!

Mario Merri Mario.Merri at esa.int
Wed Apr 19 08:50:44 UTC 2023

Dear CMC, CESG, MOIMS and CCSDS Secretariat colleagues,

As you may have realised, I will not attend the forthcoming CCSDS meeting in Huntsville as I am very close to my retirement and, by that time, a new MOIMS AD will be in place.

I feel very honoured to have served in the CCSDS for more than 20 years and to have shared many successes with our enthusiastic space community. After many years, I still consider the CCSDS a very special place, which is much more than just a standardisation organisation. Other standardisation organisations tend to formalise common practices in books. Instead, the CCSDS is a very unique inter-agency R&D organisation focused on interoperability where the needs of future space missions are explored and anticipated. This is to me is an extraordinary international achievement that would deserve an even higher exposure to decision makers.

I would like to heartly thank each one of you (an probably many more that I forgot to copy, please forward this note if you feel appropriate) and wish you all the success on the current and future challenges. Clearly, if need be, I will be  available in the future to support you and, especially, to congratulate and debrief my successor, the new MOIMS AD.

A special thank goes to the MOIMS management team: Marc, David G., John, David B., Frank, Mehran, and Peter: keep up with the great work you do!

Best regards,


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