[CMC] SANA account of JAXA.

HOSHINO Hirokazu hoshino.hirokazu at jaxa.jp
Fri Apr 14 07:29:35 UTC 2023

Dear Julien and Amber,

Please allow me for contacting you without any prior notice.
Shigeta-san retired from JAXA last month, and as his colleague, I would 
like to inform you of member changes in JAXA that took place in April.

CMC member: Dr.TAKEUCHI Hiroshi
Agency Representative: Director INOUE Koichi
Requestor Contact: same as AR above (conform to past practices)

On the other hand, Ichiro NARITA-san as the JAXA CCSDS Secretariat has 
inquired that he also needs to log into the SANA site. The e-mail 
address itself CC:ed is an account for him/the Secretariat (seems to be 
similar to the e-mail address of the CCSDS secretariat), and even if the 
member changes, the same address will continue to be used to keep 
continuity. Of course, we intend to ask him for an authoritative 
response like AR.

I have just corresponded with Shigeta-san as well, and if necessary, the 
e-mail address of the Secretariat or Inoue-san, who took over from him, 
would be replaced for that expired account as previous, but what should 
we do for the continuity as before? I know I don't understand some of 
this and there may be some differences between CMC and SANA, but I 
appreciate your cooperation to the transition of personnel changes.

We would appreciate it if you could help us restore his account next 
week, even when you have time.
Finally, I am looking forward to meeting Amber at the end of next month 
in Japan, far away. Have a great weekend.

Best Regards,
HOSHINO Hirokazu

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)
Space Tracking and Communications Center
2-1-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8505 Japan
TEL(direct):+81-70(1170)3607, FAX:+81-29(868)2990

(2023/04/14 9:31), NARITA, Ichiro's message:
> ----------------------- Original Message -----------------------
> From:  Space Assigned Numbers Authority <info at sanaregistry.org>
> To:  "JAXA.CCSDS" <JAXA.CCSDS at jaxa.jp>
> Cc:  "info at sanaregistry.org" <info at sanaregistry.org>
> Date:  Thu, 13 Apr 2023 14:35:18 +0000
> Subject:  Re: SANA account of JAXA.
> ----
> Dear Ichiro-san,
> It seems that Shigeta-san replaced the jaxa.ccsds at jaxa.jp email on his
> account by his own email: shigeta.tsutomu at jaxa.jp therefore there is no
> more account with the jaxa.ccsds at jaxa.jp address.
> When you contact the CCSDS secretariat to change the Agency
> Representative, you may ask them to update the email in SANA as well.
> Best regards,
> Julien Bernard
> Space Assigned Numbers Authority
> On 13/04/2023 04:20, JAXA_CCSDS事務局 wrote:
>> Dear SANA members,
>> Hello,
>> I'm NARITA, Ichiro from JAXA CCSDS secretariat.
>> I have tried to log in the SANA web page but cannot.
>>    Email: jaxa.ccss at jaxa.jp
>>    Password: **********
>> After pressing the "Lost password" button, the message "A link has been
>> sent to your email address." However, no email is received to
>> jaxa.ccsds at jaxa.jp.
>> I have a question about the SANA account.
>> Can I continue to use the email account of "jaxa.ccsds at jaxa.jp"?
>> If not, what should I do to use it?
>> Best regards,
>> NARITA, Ichiro
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