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I believe our ANSI/ISO membership for SC20/TC13 is paid out of our NASA/SCaN Data Standards funds but Michael or Dan should confirm that.

With regard to the SANA & harmonization of terminology with SC20/TC14, Peter Shames, and others, are already working that but is has been a slow process.  I believe that Peter has already responded.



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Subject: [EXTERNAL] A question and a proposal

Hello Team,

In addition to adding to and discussing the ANSI summary, I have two follow-up items that came out of Friday’s meeting:
1.       Does anyone know who NASA’s point of contact is for our ANSA membership?
2.       It has been proposed that we facilitate the use of SANA’s terminology glossary as a centralized platform for terminology consensus building. I have spoken with Michael Blackwood on this issue to better understand the context and options, but would like your opinions and ideas so we can discern the intricacies of the proposal and determine whether and how to facilitate. Evidently resources are available to support this effort.

I look forward to your discussion on these topics.



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