[CMC] [EXTERNAL] 2 Questions about the fall 2020 CCSDS Meetings and General Information

Townes, Stephen A (US 9000) stephen.a.townes at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Aug 13 17:19:40 UTC 2020

CMC Members,

My answer to the first question is, No, I recommend not holding the face-to-face meeting(s).

My answer the second question is, No, NASA personnel will not be allowed to attend the face-to-face meeting(s) in October.

The other factors considered in my answer to the first question are:

  1.  We do not know at this point which countries will be banned from entrance into France in October, or even if one is allowed in, one must go through a 14 day quarantine which would be onerous (Hopefully this will all get better but we just don’t know.)

  1.  Many of our members are older, have family who are older, have children, etc.,  and will choose not to take the risks involved with international travel and being at gatherings with many people.  (Before NASA officially cancelled attendance, there were NASA CCSDS people who expressed this concern.)

  1.  It would be difficult for our NASA members to participate virtually in all-day face-to-face meetings due to the time zone differences.  NASA is a large contingent of the attendees.

Thank you.


Stephen A. Townes, PhD
Chief Technologist, Interplanetary Network Directorate
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
mobile: +1 818-731-4614

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Dear CMC Members,

In preparation for a discussion of holding the fall 2020 CCSDS Meetings in person, I would like to ask each CMC member to consider two questions.

1.       Do you believe the fall 2020 CCSDS Meetings should take place in person?

2.       If the fall 2020 CCSDS Meetings were to be held in person, will your agency allow participants to attend?

In considering these questions, please keep in mind that, should they be permitted to attend by their agency, many individuals may decide that the risk is too high for them personally. If you are prepared to answer these questions, please reply and share your opinions with the CMC.

An update on the current COVID Situation in France from Jean-Marc Soula is also attached to this message.

Best regards,

Michael Blackwood
CCSDS Secretariat
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