[CMC] CMC action CMC-A-2019-10-15

osvaldo.peinado at dlr.de osvaldo.peinado at dlr.de
Tue Nov 12 08:08:29 UTC 2019

Dear All
After reading both codes of conduct, I disagree to adopt the new ISO code of conduct
Here the items

-        Respect intellectual Property

-        Confidentially of pre- decisional technical discussions
Are eliminated and the item

-        Behave ethically
Is a little bit exaggerated

For these reasons DLR propose to keep the CCSDS code of conduct as it is now

Thanks and best Regards
Dr. Osvaldo Peinado
Ground Operations Manager
German Space Operation Center (GSOC)
DLR (German Aeropspace Agency)
Phone: +49 8153 283010
Mobile: +49 172 9410099
Muenchenerstr. 20
82234 Wessling

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