[CMC] NASA Nomination for CMC Chair and CCSDS General Secretary

Liebrecht, Philip E (HQ-CG000) philip.e.liebrecht at nasa.gov
Thu Feb 7 21:34:49 UTC 2019

Dear CMC Principal Delegates,
       With the recent retirement of Dr. James Afarin, NASA hereby nominates Dr. Stephen Townes of NASA JPL to be Chairman of the CCSDS Management Council and CCSDS General Secretary.  Dr. Townes brings decades of experience in technology, standards and leadership to this assignment, including work with CCSDS standards development.  His short Bio is attached.
       We believe Stephen’s excellent working relationships within the CCSDS community will enable prompt approval of Dr. Townes for these Key CCSDS leadership positions.  It is essential that CCSDS continue its’ critical work in conducting the secretariat functions and developing interoperable space data standards without disruption.  As in the past, by standard procedure, a CMC poll for this purpose is being initiated.
      Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
      Best regards,

Philip E. Liebrecht
Assistant Deputy Associate Administrator for
  Space Communications and Navigation
NASA Headquarters

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