[CMC] Notes of CESG webex on 10th Oct 2017

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Sun Oct 22 12:22:30 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Please find attached the notes of the CESG webex held on 10th OIct 2017. I 
would like to highlight in particular the CESG discussion of the CMC 
proposal to change the CCSDS liaison to the IOAG. I show below for the 
sake of completeness our findings

CMC discussion to change the IOAG liaison from CESG to CMC (or to have 
potentially 2 liaisons (technical with CESG, strategical with CMC) in 
parallel ) 
The main activities of the PoC are
·       to flow the collective user requirements concerning 
interoperability and cross support from the IOAG member agencies into the 
CCSDS.(via the Service Catalogues)
·       to report the CCSDS standards development plan and status to the 
IOAG on a regular basis.
·       to resolve with the IOAG on any discrepancy between the priority 
of the standard needed by the IOAG and the resource available to the 
·       to advocate the CCSDS standards and architecture to the IOAG for 
CESG Chair suggested  to get the participant opinions. In summary, there 
were 2 options
To continue with the current status, i.e. CESG Chair is the liaison to the 
To have a dual liaison with the CMC Chair leading the strategical and the 
CESG Chair leading the technical aspects
CESG Chair will inform accordingly the CMC. 
He, as CESG Chair, will also ask the CMC to clarify the reasons  behind 
this proposal.This issue will be further discussed at the next CESG and 
joint CESG / CMC meetings..

As CESG Chair I would like to give my opinion on such important issue
There has been no discussion between CESG and CMC about the change of 
There has been no consensus (the biggest pilar of our CCSDS organization) 
between CESG / CMC
CMC decided unilaterally to go ahead with a poll, without caring about the 
CESG position
Last but not least, CESG did not get a rational / justification for the 
change. It is essential to know the issues with the current liaison that 
make imperative this CMC proposal

I would suggest, as CESG Chair, to extend the CMC poll until the 13th Oct 
2017 cob, such that we can have a  CESG / CMC discussion to achieve a 

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