[CMC] Action CMC-A-2016-10-03 and CMC-A-2016-10-06

Juan.Miro at esa.int Juan.Miro at esa.int
Mon May 22 11:10:56 UTC 2017

Dear CMC members, dear David,

I would like to respond and close two CMC Actions on ESA.

I also want to apologise for the late input on these actions, but they are 
both addressing resources, and at the ESA Ministerial Meeting in December 
2016, the general budget for standardisation for ESA Technical Directorate 
was reduced. the adaptation of the standardisation workplan to this new 
budget constrains has only been completed recently. 

CMC-A-2016-10-03 ESA to confirm that the resources are available to 
complete the CFDP v1 review to complete publication of the blue book

Answer:  ESA cannot confirm these resources for 2017; this decision will 
be revisited for 2018

CMC-A-2016-10-06 The CMC asks that ESA confirm the 2017 resources [4 WM - 
for Book Editor and Prototype 1] for the XML Specification for Electronic 
Data Sheets (EDS) Blue Book

(this action seems to have disappeared from the CCSDS website)

 Answer: ESA cannot confirm these resources in 2017; this decision will be 
revisited for 2018

Juan MirĂ³

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