[CMC] FYI: pastime at 15th Jun

Баранников Дмитрий Сергеевич Mutafyan at tsniimash.ru
Sat May 20 11:35:23 UTC 2017

Dear CMC colleagues,

Please let me announce preliminary schedule of our pastime at 15th June.

So Roscosmos plans free sightseeing tour and social dinner for you.

Our schedule at this date:

9.30 a.m.: bus transfer from Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya to Senatskaya marina (address: 2, Angliyskaya embankment).

10.00 a.m.: start to Peterhof on speed boat "Meteor".

11.00 a.m.: the Fountain inclusion review (http://en.peterhofmuseum.ru/objects/peterhof/alleya_fontanov) on the Peterhof's Lower Park.

11.15 a.m. - 14.00 p.m.: the Lower Park sightseeing tour (http://en.peterhofmuseum.ru/objects/peterhof/nizhniy_park) and visiting of the Grand Peterhof Palace (http://en.peterhofmuseum.ru/objects/peterhof/bolshoy_petergofskiy_dvorets).

14.30 p.m. - 15.30 p.m.: Lunch.

16.30 p.m.: departure to St.Peterburg on "Meteor".

17.30 p.m.: arrival to Dvortsovaya marina (address: 36, Dvortsovaya embankment). Bus transfer to Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya.

19.30 p.m.: social event in Park Inn Restaurant.

In that day we've got possibility to elude our CCSDS casual work and to fill the experience of 18th century, Russian art and the life of Emperor Petr 1. As locals of the Northern capital say: "To be in St.Petersburg and don't see Peterhof, means no to be in St.Petersburg". Moreover we've got a pleasure possibility to see so-called St.Petersburg's White Nights. By the way, 12th June is national holiday in Russia, named "Day of Russia". I suppose, there will be holiday events in the center of St.Petersburg. Of course, all interested can take part in the events.

FAQ: Hotel question: I know that some of our CMC colleagues meet with small  troubles concerning room reservation with special Roscosmos rate prices via link on the date of 17th June. So the hotel representative assured me that they will put a special price on this date (17th June) on manual. The same one will be done to our colleagues who plan to arrive a little bit earlier then 12th June. The another way of solving this trouble is to say me. We reached an agreement with hotel representative (who is responsible for our group accommodation in Park Inn Pribaltiskaya) to solve collectively such troubles on reception.

We will be glad to meet you and your accompanying persons in "Cultural capital of Russia" on our CMC meeting and 50th Subcommittee ISO TC20/SC13 meeting.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or Ann.

Kind regards,

Dmitry Barannikov,

The Secretary in CCSDS and ISO TC20/SC13 from Russian side.

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