[CMC] DAI WG Response to CMC-R-2016-10-03

Juan.Miro at esa.int Juan.Miro at esa.int
Mon May 22 10:38:57 UTC 2017

Dear CMC members,

I have read the DAI WG Report and I consider it adequately answers the 
questions that we as CMC posed on them. Remember that CMC's  motivation 
for requesting the DAI WG report was twofold: i) to answer to their 
request for support addressed to CMC, we wanted to better understand the 
present work and future plans in order to be able to confirm such support 
ii)  to confirm that CCSDS is playing the relevant role expected from it 
in the ongoing unprecedented data revolution that is starting to drive the 
exploitation of space.

In my view the report is very convincing on both aspects. I have learnt 
that the WG has made great achievements in the past, in particular by 
issuing the CCSDS Open Archive Information Systems (OAIS) standard that is 
being used worldwide not only for space (it is being used in ESA for our 
Earth Observation data archive) but also non-space. I would be interested 
in knowing if your Agencies are also using the OIS standard.
The report is proposing a CMC Resolution and an Action on CMC (see below) 
and I would like to make sure we can come to a good decision at the 
upcoming CMC meeting; I therefore would appreciate if you could read the 
report and share with your CMC colleagues your first impressions before 
the meeting.  I would also like to move this point on the agenda to13th or 
14th June (since I will not e participating on 16th June). 

Regarding funding for the WG,  ESA is looking for ways to support this WG 
in view of its relevance for long term data preservation ad digital agenda 
aspects. I hope you can make up your mind on this point of resources also 
so that we can communicate the outcome of our decision to the WG.

Looking forward to seeing you in St Petersburg


__________________ Extract of DAI WG Report to 

Proposed CMC Resolutions:
(1) The CMC recognizes the notional architecture as proposed by the DAI WG 
as a good basis for planning their future work in the digital archive 
(2) The CMC recognizes that for the work of the Digital Archive Ingest 
Working Group, it is important for the ISO participation to be encouraged 
during the CCSDS Agency Review phase, in order to avoid extensive delays 
and rework in later ISO review phases. The CMC also recognizes that it is 
critically important to support this work for the Digital Preservation 
community much broader than the nominal participation of the CCSDS space 
agencies. The CMC therefore resolves to express support for the inclusion 
of the ISO community, and resolves to commit to an inclusive and 
transparent review process for the future DAI WG projects in standards for 
Digital Preservation. 
Action to the CMC delegates: (Unless their agency is already participating 
in the DAI WG) Please provide to the DAI WG the names and email addresses 
1. Personnel in your space agency that are working in digital preservation 
or archives. 
2. Personnel in your nation’s archives or library organizations that have 
responsibilities for digital preservation. 

The DAI WG will contact them to ensure they are aware of CCSDS standards 
for digital preservation, and for them to consider participating in the 
DAI WG telecons, or to simply to suggest coordination when DAI WG 
personnel are visiting in the area (Such as ASI attendance at the last 
CCSDS meeting in Rome). 

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Dear CMC Members, 
For your review and discussion during the June teleconference, you will 
find attached the response to CMC Resolution CMC-R-2016-10-03 by the DAI 
Please note that the working group has included on the last page two 
proposed CMC resolutions to be reviewed by the CESG. At this time, these 
resolutions have not yet been reviewed or approved by the CESG and as such 
are still subject to change/adjudication by the CESG. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 
Thank you, 
David C. Ross, MPA, PMP
ASRC Federal
ph.: 240-565-2231
email: David.Ross at nasa.gov
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