[CMC] CMC Meeting in St. Petersburg. Visa Support and Hotel reservation link

Баранников Дмитрий Сергеевич Mutafyan at tsniimash.ru
Wed Mar 15 14:59:32 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

1) I would like to clarify the situation about Roscosmos Visa Support.  This information in option 1 of this e-mail will be actual for all CMC members except NASA and ESA colleagues, because these Agencies has its own departments in Russia, which support them in Russian Visa applying.

So the procedure of Visa support from Roscosmos side includes:

1.       You send me completed application form + passport scan (you've already done it, except ASI, CNES and UKSA colleagues);

2.       I resend it to Roscsomos;

3.       Roscosmos collects all completed application forms of CMC members and then sends all information to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

4.       Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides Roscsomos of special code number;

5.       Then I write you this code number;

6.       You go to Russian Embassy in your country, complete standard form and documents and give to Embassy's representative this code;

7.       Few days later you get passport with Russian Visa.

I plan to stop the collection all application forms which I distributed among CMC members, 22-23rd of March, then I'll give all collected information to Roscosmos and a week later I will tell you this code number.
To my mind, everything should be ok. The procedure of Visa support should be closed up to 45 days before start day of CMC meeting. So we've got  reserve time (one month). That means if we would face with any unpredictable troubles, we'll have one month (reserve time) to solve all problems.
I hope after this letter your anxiety will disappear.

2) Hotel.  (Information for all CMC colleagues)

Today, the Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya' representatives have prepared special link for booking room numbers in hotel. As I wrote earlier this special link is created for CMC members. This link should be closed up to the 1st June 2017.

Below, you can see this link:

To make a booking, please follow the steps below:

- Use the link provided
- Choose the dates of stay (within 12-16.06) on the left side of the page, number of rooms, number of persons (press "Show rooms")
- Press "Search again"
- Press "Book now"
- Follow the instructions to complete the booking

Dear colleagues,
We will be happy to see all of you and your spouse/accompanying person in St. Petersburg.

Don't hesitate to ask me,
Kind regards,

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