[CMC] June 2017 CMC Agenda Spring 2017

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Thank you Juan.

Also, for everyone's edification, the DAI WG report discussion is currently scheduled for tomorrow after lunch. The CMC Agenda with revised times is located on the CWE at the following linked folder:


Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

All the best,

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dear David, dear all

as explained to James some weeks ago, I will not be able to stay for the 4th day Friday (since originally the meeting was supposed to last only until Thursday).
I would however like to discuss the DAI Wg report while I am there so I would appreciate if this agenda point can be moved to Wednesday, either swapping with another point I have been told this has already been changed in the agenda but I can only find the old version)

also, I have uploaded to the CMC, Sping 2017 Meeting folder a power point presentation showing in graphic form  the strategic plan for each area, in form of  gantt charts and traceability matrices wrt objectives. This helps understand in a graphic way the plan of work, current and future for each area at a glance. I propose to upload it to the CCSDS web site downloadable from the CCSDS Strategic Plan page (I have uploaded the ppt and pdf files for convenience. With this I consider my action closed.


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