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CNES questions / comments:
Page 5 / 120 :     should read Spring 2017.
Page 9 / 120 :     Which rationale for restarting IPSec testings ?
                                Interaction with IOAG is not clear: IOAG expresses what they need in SC's, not what CCSDS want they use. Security is in all IOAG infrastructures and projects.
Page 13/120 :     What are the issues with DAI and MPS WGs ? They have approved projects and may not be in "early planning" depending what was discussed.
Page 14/120 :     On resolution 1 and SCID document, 320x0p6.1, ESA RIDs are mentioned ; CNES never got any response or disposition of their RIDs. To be clarified.
Pages 17~20 :     SCID document, 320x0p6.1 appears on 3 pages. Similar for CCSDS Application & Support Architecture...
Page 33/120 :     Is that a question to IOAG (via liaison) or within the WG ? The question of IOAG priority on these services should be raised as well, together with the question of how the IOAG priority
will be taken into account, if very high or if very low.
Page 60/120 :     "formalize the WG membership" to be explained = what is expected from CMC is not clear.
Page 101/120 :   Are these statements about IOAG interfaces also part of the liaison report ?
Page 117/120 :   the yellow frame with agency participation would better fit the next page.

I share most of the DLR questions I have seen, but didn't duplicate...

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Dear CMC members

Please find attached the CESG Report to the CMC

We still need to make some cosmetic changes,

Considering that

  1.  every AD will present its Area report via webex

  1.  every AD has a maximum of 30' to present its report and respond to your questions

 I would like to ask you to send us your comments (if any) at the latest by 8th June 2017 COB (USA EST)

We can then respond to your comments via mail and / or update our presentation.


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