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Баранников Дмитрий Сергеевич Mutafyan at tsniimash.ru
Fri Jul 28 08:04:50 UTC 2017

Dear David, dear all CMC colleagues,

Action Item on the CMC Members to identify what their agencies need for cross support for AOS uplink in the future.

FSA has no requirements for AOS uplink in the near future.

Action on the CMC Members - Each member should contact their agency to determine what the best opportunity is for discussing commercial participation with industry. To see how the CCSDS may engage more industry partners to develop space data system standards. CMC members will report during the mid-term teleconference. Due Date - Mid-Term Teleconference (September).

The Russian organizations from industry have been already involved in participation in CCSDS activity. Thus, Russian delegate is constituted on a basis of the expert team with its members from industry organizations. Participation in CCSDS projects in priority order is regulated by the Participation Programme. We had raised that question before, while providing this issue on ROSCOSMOS presentation during CMC meetings in Saint Petersburg. Under the Participation Programme each organization from industry is engaged in CCSDS projects prioritized by interest in technical areas. The main concern is, however, to provide more effective working process to Russian CCSDS Secretariat, which could be addressed by presenting CCSDS documents to our industry organization in a form of translated version. Therefore, it would be great that Russian responsible organization (FSUE TSNIIMASH) covering all the CCSDS activity of Russian industry and responsible for translating and distributing CCSDS documents will receive CCSDS drafts on the stage of 'Final WB Submitted to AD for Further Processing' or 'Secretariat Document Processing'.

Best regards,
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