[CMC] Action Items and Resolutions

Juan.Miro at esa.int Juan.Miro at esa.int
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Dear David, dear all CMC colleagues,

following the good example of other CMC members I am giving ESa's input to 
the open action on CMC Mmebers

Action Item on the CMC Members to identify what their agencies need for 
cross support for AOS uplink in the future.

ESA answer: ESA has no requirements for AOS uplink in the near future

Action on the CMC Members – Each member should contact their agency to 
determine what the best opportunity is for discussing commercial 
participation with industry. To see how the CCSDS may engage more industry 
partners to develop space data system standards. CMC members will report 
during the mid-term teleconference. Due Date – Mid-Term Teleconference 

ESA Answer: the best opportunities are during topical meetings and 
workshops with industry as well as meetings and exchanges with industry on 
technology roadmaps where the ongoing activities in CCSDS should be 
presented and promoted by the Agencies and feedback be collected from 
industry on their standardisation priorities. CCSDS is already open for 
industry to participate via sponsoring Agencies but the participation must 
be on own interest of industry and not funded by the Agencies. We have 
already participation of industry in CCSDS where commercial interesets 
exist; it is however not to be expected that indstry will fund CCSDS 
projects. In Europe, one way to stimulate participation or contributions 
of industry is to propagate the CCSDS activities to the ECSS Technical 
Authority, via the CCSDS - ECSS liaison, as the European space Industry is 
represented in the ECSS Technical Auhtority via Eurospace. Reaching out to 
Eurospace directly, by bradcasting to them the CCSDS workplan and future 
projexcts would even be more effective. For the next CCSDS workshop in 
Europe we could invite Eurospace secretary general to a joint session and 
exchange views and priorities.


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Dear All, 
Please see attached the draft list of Action Items and Resolutions from 
the CMC to be included in the meeting minutes for approval. 
Thank you, 
-David Ross[attachment "Action Items & Resolutions.pptx" deleted by Juan 
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