[CMC] RES:Re: Input for MoM on CCSDS-IOAG interface

Eduardo Bergamini e.w.bergamini at uol.com.br
Fri Dec 29 23:24:23 UTC 2017

Dear Juan,


Thank you for your words and considerations.


I feel in need to express before all our other colleagues who are being
addressed in Cc in this same message my in depth appreciation and honor to
have you as our colleague 

in CMC. Your contributions for CCSDS have been most important in the
unfolding of the activities of the Committee. Among other aspects, I much
appreciate the untiring and 

certainly significant contribution you have given to CCSDS resulting from
the compiling and maintenance of CCSDS Strategic Plan, over many years. In
my opinion, a most 

valuable contribution that shall be maintained for the benefit of CCSDS.
Congratulations, Juan! 


In return, permit me to also to express my best wishes for a 2018 full of
realizations for you and for all of yours.


With my sincere, best regards,



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Assunto: Re: [CMC] Input for MoM on CCSDS-IOAG interface


Dear CMC colleagues, 

as we approach the end of this year I would like to thank you for your good
contributions to the CMC and for the very professional attitude and team
spirit displayed, for the benefit of space as a whole. 

I will be missing our encounters twice a year and all the good discussions
on the future of CCSDS. 

As already announced, Mike McKay will take over from me as ESA delegate in
the CMC and I am sure you will support Mike in this function as well as you
have supported me. 

Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Great 2018 ! 

Kind regards 

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