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Tue Feb 2 09:15:48 UTC 2016

Dear all,
Please find below the notes of the CESG 2016 webex # 1
Actions status
CMC-A-2015-11-02 SANA was requested to circulate a list, by agency, of the 
SCIDs that should be returned to SANA. CMC member agencies should provide 
a response to SANA by 31 January 2016.   List circulated. Expecting 
responses from all Agencies
CMC-A-2015-11-03 The CMC instructed the SE AD to create a resolution as a 
result of a CMC poll that would inform the agencies that SANA plans to 
take back the simulator IDs assigned to them  Action: Peter Shames  CLOSED
CMC-A-2015-11-10 The CESG chair was instructed to clarify the Time 
Transfer, Clock Correlation, and Time Synchronization projects from the 
ICPA/IOAG presentation. Action Nestor Peccia   CLOSED
Document queue status
2 SEC WG GB need a poll to be silverised. Poll issued
CCSDS 766.2-R-0, Voice and Audio Communications (Proposed Red Book for 
Agency Review) Poll issued
CCSDS 911.1-B-3.1, Space Link Extension?Return All Frames Service 
Specification (Draft Blue Book) Poll to be issued soon
CCSDS 911.2-B-2.1, Space Link Extension?Return Channel Frames Service 
Specification (Draft Blue Book) Poll to be issued soon
CCSDS 911.5-B-2.1, Space Link Extension?Return Operational Control Fields 
Service Specification (Draft Blue Book) Poll to be issued soon
CCSDS 912.1-B-3.1, Space Link Extension?Forward CLTU Service Specification 
(Draft Blue Book) Poll to be issued soon
CCSDS 912.3-B-2.1, Space Link Extension?Forward Space Packet Service 
Specification (Draft Blue Book) Poll to be issued soon
CCSDS 130.12-G-0, CCSDS Protocols over DVB-S2?Summary of Definition, 
Implementation and Performance (Draft Green Book) It will be ready by end 
Feb 2016
CCSDS 651.2-G-0, Producer-Archive Interface Specification (PAIS)?A 
Tutorial (Draft Green Book) To be done once the books mentioned above are 
CCSDS 902.1-B-0, Simple Schedule Format Specification (Draft Blue Book) 
PS/EB will update the book together with SANA
CCSDS 727.0-B-4.1, CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) (Draft Blue Book) 
Interoperability Testing Waiting for ESA Proto activity
CCSDS 313.0-Y-1.1, Space Assigned Numbers Authority (SANA)?Role, 
Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures (Draft Yellow Book) waiting for 
conditions to be solved
CCSDS 313.1-Y-0.1, CCSDS SANA Registry Management Policy (Draft Yellow 
Book) waiting for conditions to be solved
CCSDS 313.2-Y-0, Procedures for SANA Registry Specification (Draft Yellow 
Book) waiting for conditions to be solved
Polls with conditions not yet resolved 
PS is handling the conditions raised during the poll for the 3 SANA books. 
ADs/DADs will receive soon PS' proposal to solve them
MS / RB have prepared the response to solve the conditions set for the 
creation of the Sub-NW WG
Update of on-line Strategic Plan / charters / Approved-Draft Project
SEA status
MOIMS status
Mario has delivered a file with all details. Missing DAI / Tel / CCSDS 
Secretariat updates
CSS status
SLS status
Done with the exception of Opt WG updates
SOIS status
SIS status
Project Resource Table
CMC is still working on action to deploy resources for Proto 2 in 2016 and 
Three new Projects were submitted for CMC approval. Resources are granted
CWE Projects behind schedule
Several Projects are behind schedule. ADs to instruct WG chairs to update 
IOAG is working on the Catalogue 1 update. NP to ask IOAG to deliver 
latest updates before Cleveland
Status of the IOAG comm assets in the SANA registry 
Nobody is doing quality control. Each Agency is responsible for the 
quality of their owned data. 
PS to send a list of known inconsistencies to NP to be addressed to IOAG
Proc & Org YB modifications 
YB update has passed CESG ballot. CMC poll is in progress.
Next CESG webex 
16th march 17:00 hrs CET
Secretary Cost: NASA has addressed to the CMC its problem to fully fund 
the Secretariat cost from fiscal year 2017. Breakdown of the costs have 
been requested and NASA will deliver them 3 weeks prior to the meeting in 
SOIS AD stepping down Martin Suess is changing position within ESA/ESTEC 
and CCSDS tasks are not within the ToR of his future work. He will not 
participate in Cleveland and Rick will deputise for him. A new AD will 
have to be nominated by the CMC.

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