[CMC] Results of CMC Poll Closing 22 October 2015

ccsds techsupport ccsds_techsupport at aiaa.org
Thu Oct 29 01:00:19 UTC 2015

CMC E-Poll Identifier:  CMC-P-2015-10-001 Approval of New Projects for 3.03 Cross Support Service Management Working Group

Results of CMC poll beginning 08 October 2015 and ending 22 October 2015:

Adopt:  8 (100%)  (CNES, CNSA, CSA, DLR, ESA, INPE, JAXA, NASA)
Adopt Provisionally:  0 (0%)
Reject:  0 (0%)
Reject with Comments:  0 (0%)

Results are based on responses from 8 out of 11 members (72.72%).

No response was received from the following Agencies:

All Agencies responded to this question.

Secretariat Interpretation of Results:  Adopted
Resulting CMC Resolution:               CMC-R-2015-10-001
Inferred Secretariat Action:               Approve both CCSDS Projects

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