[CMC] Request for nominations for SIS-DTN Deputy WG Chair

Scott, Keith L. kscott at mitre.org
Thu Oct 22 14:18:18 UTC 2015


I would like to solicit nominations for the deputy WG chair of the SIS-DTN WG, a position previously filled by Dai Stanton.

I have had informal discussions with Kiyohisa Suzuki of JAXA about taking the position, and he is amenable to it, and has the support of his management.  JAXA has been quite active in and supportive of the SIS-DTN work, including conducting one side of the interoperability testing for the Bundle Protocol.  JAXA also has a particular interest in Contact Graph Routing (which they tested in the context of their DRTS satellite), and has agreed to take on one of the Contact Graph Routing Prototypes for the Blue Book we’re currently working on.

If any member agencies would like to propose others for the task, can you please inform me and the CESG by the Fall meetings?  If no other candidates are proposed I intend to submit a resolution to appoint Mr. Suzuki as deputy WG chair during the CESG meeting at the end of the week in Darmstadt.



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