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Betreff: AW: [CMC] CESG Interpretation of the MOIMS PS WG

Dear CMC Members,
I do not know if is possible to approve only the GB and as stated here discuss the approval of the BB later.
So far as I know there is candidates for the WG chairs or it that changes?
If is that the case, I would said GO for start working on the GB
Best Regards

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Betreff: [CMC] CESG Interpretation of the MOIMS PS WG

Dear CMC members,

After the Summer saga on the creation of the PS WG and considering the closed CESG / CMC polls (see conditions below) and the still open poll to nominate PS WG Chairs, my interpretation of the situation is as follows

  *   the creation of the WG has been approved. CESG conditions on the focus has been solved.
  *   only the GB Project has been approved
  *   the BB Project will be left as Draft Project, and once the GB is complete a CMC Project approval poll will be issued. This is in line with conditions from CNES and ESA
  *   we do not have today WG Chairs. The current poll (closing on 12th oct) has conditions and some ADs did not cast the vote yet.

Ì would like to ask the CMC for a consolidated opinion on this situation.



CESG-P-2015-04-001 Creation the MOIMS Mission Planning and Scheduling WG
SEA AD  Shames Peter
 APPROVE WITH CONDITIONS (state conditions that must be satisfied) I have two concerns about this WG, as stated in the charter and white paper:

1) The focus in most of these materials seems to be on SM&C and how it can solve the problem, rather than on Mission Planning and a clear presentation of what they need.  This is both "cart before the horse" and looks like an overly tight binding that may be detrimental to the overall usability of the resulting standards.

2) The WG leadership is exclusively Euro-centric.  Since there does appear to be a significant North American interest in this it would be sensible to broaden the coverage to recognize that. 4/23/2015 11:38 AM

 CMC-P-2015-05-003 Creation the MOIMS Mission Planning and Scheduling WG

CNES  Soula Jean-Marc
 ADOPT PROVISIONALLY (i.e., if stated condition is satisfied) CNES approves the creation of the WG and the GB project but, as the BB is planned in 2018-2019, it is not possible to commit on resources such a long time in advance.
Therefore, CNES supports ESA proposal for a Go/NoGo decision after completion of the GB. 6/5/2015 12:17 PM

ESA  Miro Juan
 ADOPT PROVISIONALLY (i.e., if stated condition is satisfied) ESA confirms its support to the creation of MOIMS Mission Planning and Scheduling Working Group and will support with adequate resources the ESA role as WG chair and member

ESA also authorizes the project for the production of the Mission Planning and Scheduling Green Book and will deploy 2 WM for its production (1 in 2016 and 1 in 2017).

ESA proposes a checkpoint at completion of the GB for the CMC to approve the project Mission Planning and Scheduling Blue Book and confirm the resources required for its production 6/5/2015 7:42 AM

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