[CMC] Re: [Cesg-all] SOIS SUBNET WG leadership additional candidates?

Yuriy Sheynin sheynin at aanet.ru
Fri Nov 6 18:37:49 UTC 2015

Dear Martin,

I know Glen Rakow as qualified and experienced person and support his candidature.
I have no personal experience on Marco Rovatti (ESA), but I believe that he should be appropriate person for Deputy Chair as recommended by ESA.

Kind regards,

Yuriy Sheynin.

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Subject: [Cesg-all] SOIS SUBNET WG leadership additional candidates?

Dear CMC member, 

Following the recommendation of the Deterministic Networking BoF during the Spring 2015 meeting I'm currently working to reinitiate SOIS Subnetwork Working Group. 
The proposed task of the SOIS Subnetwork WG is to define a Subnetwork Deterministic Service in form of a Magenta book and as part of this work to perform the 5 year review of the existing Subnetwork Service Magenta books. 
In addition it is proposed that the WG will show a mapping of the Subnetwork Services on existing Data Link Protocols in form of a green book. 

The CESG has approved project pending a number of conditions to be fulfilled. 
Once an agreement on the implementation of the conditions has been reached I will submit the revised WG charter and projects in a poll to CMC with the request to authorise the creation of  the SOIS Subnetwork Working Group. 
At the moment Glenn Rakow (NASA) and Marco Rovatti (ESA) have been identified as candidates for Chair and Deputy Chair respectively. 

With this mail I would like to give the CMC representatives of the other agencies the opportunity to inform me about additional candidates which I should consider in my request to CESG for approval of  the SOIS SUBNET WG leadership. 

I would be happy to hear back from you in this matter via e-mail. 

Kind regards, 

ESA – European Space Agency 
Martin Suess 

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Electrical Engineering Department

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