[CMC] Inputs on CCSDS Strategy. Action Item CMC-A-2014-04-05

Juan.Miro at esa.int Juan.Miro at esa.int
Mon Nov 10 07:20:30 UTC 2014

Dear CMC Delegates,

In response to Action Item  CMC-A-2014-04-05, find attached a summary of the
comments received from CMC members on the CCSDS Strategic Plan, as depicted
in the CCSDS Strategic Roadmap presentation (some previous comments from DLR
and Jaxa are considered as either resolved or covered by the other comments
received and therefore not included here).

As agred during our mid-term webex-conf, the summary has been compiled by
CNES, Jean-Marc Soula, NASA, James Afarin ad ESA, Juan MirĂ³ and should serve
as a basis for the discussion on CCSDS Future Strategy planned for the CMC
meeting on 18th Nov 2014 in London

The specific questions and comments on the Area goals and plans contained in
the Strategic Plan will be submited to the CESG with the request to teh Area
directors to provide answers to CMC during our joint session on 18 November.

Please let me know if tere are further comments from other CMC members before
the CMC meeting so that we can update the list of topcs to be discussed


(See attached file: Discussion Points Future Strategy CMC meeting141118.docx)

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