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Dear Juan,
Thanks for the update.
In page 41 is possible to see the relationship between the areas, but I least (me) cannot see anywhere the conflicts or overlapping /parallel work.
May be we must to go much more in detail looking into the concrete themes. May be is more the Job of the area Managers.
Or it need to be analyzed case by case.
For example there is a relationship between the video, voice and DTN working groups, these are all in the SIS area, but I cannot see or analyze this particular case here.
There is a relationship between the video and robotics groups (we cannot have a Robot without cameras).
When I asked to the Onboard Wireless working group to work together,  talking about the helmet cameras of the astronauts, the answer was no, you need to much BW.
We have today a DLR discussion about the integration of CCSDS in the planning and scheduling tools.
As you know ESA got a new development for ESTRAC, NASA Huntsville have one for payload operations (the same one used by Russia- not the new one, but the current CPS version), NASA Houston have developed OPTIMIS (where JAXA and ESA are involved as well) and we found out that in the CCSDS WG the human space flight part is simply not take into account.
That means we are development a new standard that can be used for half or less  of the space community.
These are may be just little examples and not so important for CMC, but I think this kind of problems should be faced by the management and decisions should be taken in order to avoid missing aspects or parallel work.
In my humble opinion in a strategic roadmap a general guideline should be reflected in an higher level (as is done now), but all these "daily issues" should be considered or at least reflected somewhere.
May be I misunderstood the meaning of the roadmap plan.
On the other side, I completely agree with Jean-Marc comment that we are having too many plans, we should harmonize them, we can only take proper decisions based in the available information, that must be summarized in 1 or 2 places, no more.
Sorry, I think this E-mails becomes too long, we can talk about that in London or in a telecom.
Have a nice weekend

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Betreff: [CMC] Updated CCSDS Strategic Roadmap

Dear all,

during the last mid term webex-conference I took the action to update the
presentation format of the Strategic Plan or as I like to call it the
Strategic Roadmap.

This is the basis for the  CMC Response to AI CMC20140405),for those of us
for which this action is still open. Out input should be at the level of the
response of Jean-Marc Soula  provided at the mid-term webex-conf, i.e. not so
much on the format but rather on the substance of the strategic plan as
depicted by this presentation. This action is now reopened until 30th of
September, and Jean-Marc, Mike and myself will put together the material for
the CMC discussion we will have in London  on the future of CCSDS (1/2 day
foreseen). This should be a ground braking session to decide the structure
and priorities of the CCSDS until 2020

The update of the Strategic Roadmap, attached, takes into account comments
received from CNES, DLR and Jaxa
   SANA goal removed
   clear graphical distinction between approved in CWE, pending in CWE and
   Not in CWE
   BBs and MBs in CWE but not in Strategic Plan are added
   however completion dates are taken from Strategic Plan (not always the
   same as in CWE)
   elimination of repetitions and inconsistencies (duplication of GFT in
   MOIMS Goals #2 and #4 is just reflecting the Strategy Document and needs
   to be solved there)


(See attached file: CCSDS_Strategic_Roadmap_140731.pptx)
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