[CMC] Updated CCSDS Strategic Roadmap

T. Shigeta shigeta.tsutomu at jaxa.jp
Fri Aug 1 09:17:32 UTC 2014

Dear Miro-san,

Although I understand that our inputs are expected at the level of 
substance, not so much on the format, but my first response below 
concerns the format-related question.

Regarding the graphical expressions of the Roadmap on slide 37, SLS goal 
#6 Optical comm, I noted  some GBs are listed on the right side column 
while other slides listed mostly BB and MB.

Can I understand that Books are listed in the view of their 

Hearing this point would help continue reviewing the Strategic Roadmap.

Best Regards  --- Shigeta/JAXA

(2014/08/01 6:23), Juan.Miro at esa.int wrote:
> Dear all,
> during the last mid term webex-conference I took the action to update the
> presentation format of the Strategic Plan or as I like to call it the
> Strategic Roadmap.
> This is the basis for the  CMC Response to AI CMC20140405),for those of us
> for which this action is still open. Out input should be at the level of the
> response of Jean-Marc Soula  provided at the mid-term webex-conf, i.e. not so
> much on the format but rather on the substance of the strategic plan as
> depicted by this presentation. This action is now reopened until 30th of
> September, and Jean-Marc, Mike and myself will put together the material for
> the CMC discussion we will have in London  on the future of CCSDS (1/2 day
> foreseen). This should be a ground braking session to decide the structure
> and priorities of the CCSDS until 2020
> The update of the Strategic Roadmap, attached, takes into account comments
> received from CNES, DLR and Jaxa
>     SANA goal removed
>     clear graphical distinction between approved in CWE, pending in CWE and
>     Not in CWE
>     BBs and MBs in CWE but not in Strategic Plan are added
>     however completion dates are taken from Strategic Plan (not always the
>     same as in CWE)
>     elimination of repetitions and inconsistencies (duplication of GFT in
>     MOIMS Goals #2 and #4 is just reflecting the Strategy Document and needs
>     to be solved there)
> Regards
> Juan
> (See attached file: CCSDS_Strategic_Roadmap_140731.pptx)
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