[CESG] [CCSDS-SIS] Area resolution SIS-R-2023-07-001 for 702.B-1 corrigendum approval

Tomaso.deCola at dlr.de Tomaso.deCola at dlr.de
Mon Jul 24 10:50:59 UTC 2023

Dear all,

the following resolution SIS-R-2023-07-001 has been approved by the SIS AD:

Resolution SIS-R-2023-07-001: Approval of corrigenda to CCSDS 702.0-B-1 IPoC

CONSIDERING that the SIS area in conjunction with the SLS-SLP WG  has agreed on corrigenda to the following book:
-        CCSDS 702-B-1 IPoC
dealing with the inclusion of USLP mention in the text.

and RECOGNIZING that these corrigenda have the approval of the SIS AD,

RECOMMENDS that the CCSDS Secretariat initiates the CESG and CMC polls to approve and authorize the corrigenda and, upon successful completion of the CESG and CMC polls, releases the updated documents and corrigendum forms for publication.

Best Regards,
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