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Dear CESG,

the MP&S WG has proposed to MOIMS to initiate the Agency Review of their BB before the publication of the updated MAL BB, on which the MP&S BB depends. The goal is to hopefully speed up publication of both BBs.

Marc and I had some internal discussion and investigation with both the MP&S WG and the SM&C WG and we concluded to support this request and consult with the CESG to avoid false expectations and unnecessary work.

Our conclusion comes from the following points:

  *   Both WGs have closely worked together in the update of the MAL BB.
  *   To the best of the knowledge of both WGs, the agreed changes to the MAL BB are final and fully compatible with the MP&S BB.
  *   Should new significant discrepancies appear during the finalisation of the MAL BB, the MP&S WG agrees to update the document and go through another Agency Review.

It seems to us a win-win approach to the benefit of CCSDS. Please let us know any objections before end of February.

Best regards,

Marc & Mario

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Subject: Mission Planning and Scheduling Blue Book agencies review approach


The MP&S Blue Book is now nearing completion. However, the current work is based on some assumptions related to the evolution of the MO Services, where parallel work is ongoing in the SM&C WG.

The WG however considers it beneficial to initiate the agencies review of the Blue Book in the near term, in order not to delay our work and to ensure that the envisaged publication date remains feasible. The WG understands the risk that in case the current assumptions on the evolution of the MO Services are incorrect, an update of the Blue Book and therefore a second agencies review may be required.

In order to be clear towards external reviewers about the status of the Blue Book, the WG intends to provide a detailed list of assumptions and open issues together with the Blue Book, either in its introduction or as a separate addendum, whichever preferred.

The WG believes that the above mentioned risk is sufficiently mitigated by the fact that the work done in SM&C is closely followed by MP&S experts, and that the Blue Book is kept fully in line with the latest draft MAL specification. However, some artefacts such as the MP&S Service Specification can only be completed and validated once the implementation of the updated MAL API is made available by SM&C. This will merely impact the prototyping, which is currently being completed based on an older implementation of the MAL API.

In any case, the current Blue Book is complete in terms of specification of services and data types. In addition, file based exchange is supported, including the XML Schemas required for file validation.The WG expects to have the Blue Book and accompanying SANA artefacts available as input to the agencies review by the end of March 2022.

Could you please let me know if MOIMS agrees with the proposed approach for the MP&S Blue Book agencies review?



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