[CESG] Conditions on CESG-P-2019-12-001: CESG poll to approve release of CCSDS 131.3-P-1.1, CCSDS Space Link Protocols over ETSI DVB-S2 Standard (Pink Sheets, Issue 1.1) for CCSDS Agency

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 19 17:59:07 UTC 2021

Dear CESG and Secretariat,

During the review for CESG poll CESG-P-2019-12-001, to approve release of CCSDS 131.3-P-1.1, CCSDS Space Link Protocols over ETSI DVB-S2 Standard (Pink Sheets, Issue 1.1) for CCSDS Agency Review, I and two other CCSDS Area Directors raised Conditions that had to be satisfied before we could agree that this document could be released for Agency Review.  I believe that everyone is aware of the nature of these issues and that they need not be restated here.  If anyone wishes to revisit this the specifics that discussion may be found here:


Recently a subset of the CESG met, led by Klaus-Juergen Schulz, the new CESG Chair, along with key members of the SLS Area and the affected working group, to reach resolution on this issue that has been characterized as “standardisation for High Rate Uplinks and Cross Links”.  After lengthy discussion that “task force” reached a consensus agreement that has been distributed to the participants.  It is attached here for reference by the entire CESG.  The essence of this consensus agreement is that the Coding and Synchronization WG should:

“apply systematically a “liberal” approach, i.e. without consideration of applicability (Earth<->Space links, Cross links) and directionality (Space-to-Earth-links, Earth-to-Space-links, forward-cross-links, return-cross-links). This is intended to provide interoperable coding and synchronisation recommended standards for the high rate AOS and USLP link layer protocols for the designers of future space missions, as well as experimental specifications.”

This guidance is entirely consistent with the conditions that had been raised during this poll.   I have reviewed this outcome with the other ADs who also raised conditions and they have agree that this approach is acceptable to them as well.  It will now be up to them to formally concur with this outcome.

Accordingly, and consistent with the agreements reached in this special task force, I am removing the conditions I placed on the CESG poll CESG-P-2019-12-001.  Once the other ADs with conditions concur, this should allow the document in question, the revisions to CCSDS  131.3-P-1.1, to proceed to Agency Review.

Best regards, Peter Shames


Peter Shames
CCSDS Systems Engineering Area Director

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 301-490
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91109 USA

Telephone: +1 818 354-5740,  Fax: +1 818 393-6871

Internet:  Peter.M.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov

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