[CESG] [EXTERNAL] Re: CESG-P-2020-12-006 Approval to publish CCSDS 922.3-B-1, Cross Support Transfer Service—Forward Frame Service ( Blue Book, Issue 1)

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 10 23:10:48 UTC 2021

Hi Gippo,

I’m guessing that these necessary updates were “visible” to you, and the rest of the CESG, because you were able to state the magnitude of the required changes.  Perhaps you are asking that the CESG be given an opportunity to re-review the changes in response to the PID.  I cannot tell because you did not address that issue.  But the CESG did get to see the changes.

In point of fact, the revisions do not make the document “heavily, nor completely different”  from the document that was reviewed.  What the changes do accomplish is to align the description of the service with the functionality requested in the IOAG SISG report from years ago, which you, yourself, were a co-author of.   What was required were not changes to the FF-CSTS service provisioning itself, but were clarifications to the service production that were not otherwise documented anywhere aside from the IOAG SISG report and the SCCS-ARD.  In the absence of these clarifications the functionality of the service, both provision (which is the core focus of the service exposed to users) and production (which are the functions that must be executed to deliver full functionality of frame merging and DTN bundle agent and CFDP file agent integration) would be inadequately documented.  It would have been left to the users to guess what production functionality was required or supported.  A massive source of ambiguity for a service that is to be the heart of DTN integration and support in the future ESLTs.

What is wrong with this approach is that the WG failed to incorporate the description of these critical production functions in the first place, and that the CESG failed to catch it earlier.  I point the finger at myself here, since I had the opportunity to catch the issue earlier and did, in fact, point this concern out a couple of years ago.  But then, I am only one of the six Area Directors.  It appears that no one else, including you, who were one of the authors of the IOAG SISG report that defined this new service, managed to catch this issue until now.

So, just what exactly is the problem here?


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Dear All,
        I see that there is a 24 pages document only to explain which changes have been applied (to a 242 pages document) because of the (late) conditions.

The document that will go to CMC - in a way invisible to CESGers -  is now heavily (if not completely) different from the one that was evaluated by CESG.
Frankly speaking I think there is something very wrong in this approach.

Best regards

Gian Paolo

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Dear CESG Members,

Conditions for approval of CCSDS 922.3-B-1, Cross
Support Transfer Service—Forward Frame Service
(Blue Book, Issue 1) have been disposed to the
satisfaction of the AD(s) who voted to approve
with conditions. The Secretariat will now proceed
with CMC polling to authorize publication.

Thomas Gannett
thomas.gannett at tgannett.net
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