[CESG] CESG] Resolution SOIS-APP WG-R-2018-12-001: Start Agency Review for Pink Sheets to CCSDS 876.0-B-1 "XML Specification for Electronic Data Sheets" Blue Book

Wilmot, Jonathan J. (GSFC-5800) jonathan.j.wilmot at nasa.gov
Wed Sep 16 11:43:37 UTC 2020

To: CESG Chair
Cc: CESG, SOIS, CCSDS Secretariat (Tom Gannet)

Dear CESG chair,

The following resolution has been approved by SOIS AD.


Resolution SOIS-APP WG-R-2020-09-001: Request  to Start Agency Review of Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services-XML Specification for Electronic Data Sheets (876.0-B-1) Pink Sheets

CONSIDERING that the SOIS Applications Support Working Group:
 * Has identified the need to add data encoding schema to the XML Specification for Electronic Data Sheets Blue Book, and
* Has reviewed the draft update to CCSDS 876.0-B-1, and
* Has consensus on requesting to start Agency Review for Pink Sheets

RESOLVES to request CESG & CMC to approve starting the Agency Review of Pink Sheets for updating CCSDS 876.0-B-1
RECOMMENDS that the CESG & CMC approve this resolution and, finally
REQUESTS that CESG & CMC polls be conducted to accomplish this


   Kind regards,


Jonathan Wilmot
Code 580 Senior Engineer for Flight Systems
cFS Software Architect
CCSDS SOIS Area Director
Office 301-286-2623
Cell 301-751-2658

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