[CESG] Resolution CSS-R-2020-10-001, revision of the CSTS WG charter

Mario.Merri at esa.int Mario.Merri at esa.int
Fri Oct 9 07:25:25 UTC 2020

Hi Erik (+ limited distribution),

I might have misunderstood your email, but are you saying that the draft 
revised charter is already publicly on-line in CWE before formal approval? 
We should have publicly on-line only approved material, shouldn't we?



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CCSDS Secretariat,
Attached and also listed below, please find a resolution concerning 
revision of the CSTS WG charter.  The revised charter is available in the 
CWE Framework.
Best regards,
CSS-R-2020-10-001, Resolution concerning revision of the CSTS WG charter 
The CSS Area,
CONSIDERING that the Cross Support Services Working Group (CSTS WG) has 
performed needed and necessary work to define an abstract model of member 
agency ground station functions in support of the published Cross Support 
Transfer Services--Monitored Data Service, 922.1-B-1;
and CONSIDERING that this model, the Functional Resource Model (FRM), has 
been registered with the SANA and is currently being reviewed by CCSDS 
technical experts;
and RECOGNIZING that the FRM informs the basis for future CSS Area 
recommendations to address standardized expression of cross support 
service configuration profiles and needed real-time adjustments of 
executing ground station functions;
and RECOGNIZING that the CSS Area Directory approves of the revision of 
the CSTS WG charter scope to include the FRM;
RESOLVES that the CCSDS Secretariat initiate the requisite CMC polling for 
authorization of the revised charter.
[End Resolution]
 [attachment "CSS-R-2020-10-001.pdf" deleted by Mario Merri/esoc/ESA] 
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