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Dear CESG and SSG,

While looking at the Artemis website provided in this note from Mario I found a reference to a Registry of Space Objects that is also a part of this Artemis Program.  Searching for that, and following the links, took me to a UN site tied somehow to COPUOUS (Committee on Peaceful Uses of Space) and to a site that is the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (OOSA).  This website has the space objects registry.


This site says " To date over 86% of all satellites, probes, landers, crewed spacecraft and space station flight elements launched into Earth orbit or beyond have been registered with the Secretary-General."  I was curious as to just what this "registry" looks like so I visited the site and downloaded a representative record.  The site is a simple list of entries, one per spacecraft, or set of spacecraft.  I downloaded one of the recent records, labelled " ST/SG/SER.E/929" from Canada, dated 17 Feb 2020.  This web page has a list of files in different languages, so I downloaded the English version.  That is attached for reference (file V2001544).  It is a PDF file of text which contains the Canadian submission, the name(s) of the three spacecraft (in this case), UN assigned unique identifiers, details of owner, contact, launch date, vehicle, and location, purpose, basic orbital parameters, and not much else.

So registration in this site is apparently being asked of the partners in Artemis.  But as a registry it is pretty limited and offers none of the features that we have in the SANA Spacecraft and Service Site and Aperture (SS&A) registry that will be really important for supporting functional interoperability.  This would include frequency band assignments, SCIDs, protocols in use, and offered services.  I'd like us to discuss this as a CESG item and reach some agreement on whether we should approach both the Artemis Program and UNOOSA about adopting the SANA registries as an active part of the Artemis interoperability strategy.

I think we have something simple and solid to offer in the form of real registries that can be used for interoperability.

Thanks, Peter

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Moims-sc] NASA Artemis Accords...

Dear MOIMS standardisation enthusiasts

 A quick and graphically appealing read, on the NASA Artemis Accords


In particular, I would like to draw your attention to the statement:

Interoperability of systems is critical to ensure safe and robust space exploration.

Therefore, the Artemis Accords call for partner nations to utilize open international standards, develop new standards when necessary, and strive to support interoperability to the greatest extent practical.

I plead our NASA colleagues to communicate the good work that we are doing in the MOIMS to the Artemis programme and to feedback and need that it is currently not covered by our plan of work. Even better, if we could establish a more permanent link with the Artemis teams dealing with standards.

Best regards,



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